Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRVs)

A heat recovery ventilator is used to recover some of the warmth or coolness of air being ventilated from the home while also bringing in fresh air from the outdoors. These units and the corresponding ductwork can accumulate a lot of dust and bacteria over several years of constant use. That’s why Sunny Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning offers HRV cleaning to Victoria, Duncan, Nanaimo, and all our service areas.

While HRV’s are marvels of modern heating and cooling systems, they also accumulate dust, allergens, bacteria, and other pollutants coming in and out of your home. Over time, this accumulation can not only impact your indoor air quality, but can lessen the effectiveness of the HRV system itself. When properly serviced, an HRV should be able to recover up to 85% of the energy from the stale air exiting your home.

To ensure properly cleaned HRV ducts, our technicians start by removing the core and filters of the heat recovery ventilator (these are cleaned last to avoid recontamination). We then set up an air line and use vacuum-powered negative pressure to pull contaminants out of the duct works. Next, all vents and fresh air supply runs are brushed, blown out, and sterilized. We then clean and sterilize the HRV unit itself, including the core, motors, and filters. After our technicians have re-installed the core and filters, we then power up the unit to ensure it is cycling as it should.

Our services are 100% satisfaction guaranteed and we make sure to lay out all costs involved in writing. We never add hidden fees or charges to the bill after the work is done. All of our work is done by technicians with more than 10 years of experience, and we always provide a 1 hour service window (i.e. we’ll arrive between 10 AM and 11 AM).

How often should ductwork be cleaned?
  • After the new build of house, and at least every 3-5 years thereafter. This is a standard, so be aware if a service technician tells you differently.
  • After renovations or remodeling, or unless extra precautions have been taken to keep sawdust and debris from entering the rest of the house.
  • If you or your family members have allergies (while it hasn’t been proven that cleaning ductwork can lessen allergies, it is often a comfort to allergy sufferers).
  • If you have animals; routine cleaning and maintenance of ducts can keep pet hair and dander from spreading through the house.

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